October 17th, 2016

Welcome! Pack 499 is looking forward to an exciting year. We welcome all Kindergarten to 5th grade boys. Come out and see our incredible Pack 499 Adventures. Each year we camp multiple times, race amazing Pinewood Derby cars, celebrate scouts with a fabulous Blue and Gold Celebration, and have many other exciting events. Check out our calendar to see if there is a date that you can visit with our Pack.

To access the Pack 499 Google Group, click here. If you are not a member of the Google Group, yet, you can click on the “Contact Owner” link on that page to request membership.

Need uniforms, books, or other scouting supplies? You can visit the Boy Scout Store in Rockville, MD or you can order online from the website: scoutstuff.org.

Summer Overview

August 30th, 2013

In case you missed them, our summer events were a blast. At least 27 warriors competed in our Cubscout Olympics events in July. It was a fierce competition in blinding heat but success was theirs! Despite being drenched by our fearless, water gun soaking cub scout leader, Josh Soderberg, the scouts were able to win at the beach ball relay. Other leaders Beth Hughes and Gary Thompson led a soaking session on how to have the longest water balloon toss. Something about that event led them to suggest a round of “Peg the Leader” with water balloons. Wow, was that a wet, fiesta of fast flying balloons. I’m not sure who they wanted to soak more? Thankfully, most of the scouts didn’t want their face paint destroyed so the balloons stayed low…special thank you to Theresa Soderberg for the fun face painting! Overall, the Olympics were a terrific competition followed by fantastic food grilled by Josh Soderberg, Marshal Jones and Kevin Soderberg. It couldn’t have been more fun especially given the fantastic SMORES and medal ceremony finish!

In addition, at the end of July and beginning of August our Webelos spent a week away at Goshen Summer Camp. They had a great time swimming, shooting, canoeing, camping and just hanging out. It was an amazing week of non-stop action. Great big thanks to our leaders and parents who attended with them!

Our summer wrapped up with a fantastic pool party. The unusually cool August day did not interfere with all the fun. Scouts enjoyed soaking the leaders, cannonball diving into the pool, playing some volleyball, and eating pizza.

We look forward to continuing the great fun as we head into our school year schedule. Come on out and join us this September!

Cub Scout Adventures Caught In Action!

August 20th, 2013

Goshen Camping, August 2013, Gone Fishing!

Goshen Camping, August 2013, Boating

Goshen Camping, August 2013, Bonfire

Goshen Camping, August 2013, Nature Center

Goshen Camping, August 2013, More Boating

Cub Scout Olympics, July 2013, Beach Ball Relay

Cub Scout Olympics, July 2013, Snatch The Kerchief

Cub Scout, June 2013, Bridging and Smores With the Boy Scouts

Cub Scout Tiger Pack, Fall 2013

Cub Scout Family Camping, Spring 2013

Pinewood Derby, March 2013

Pinewood Derby, March 2013

Pinewood Derby, March 2013

Pinewood Derby, March 2013

Pinewood Derby, March 2013

Blue and Gold Celebration, February 2013

Tigers, Fire Station Visit, 2012